Who are you calling slow?


Patricia Kambitsch is an educator, author, and multidisciplinary artist. Kambitsch believes that learning is a pleasurable process, best savored over time.   This blog is a holding tank for some of her more distracting inspirations, works-in-progress, and newly-hatched ideas.  You can find more of Patricia’s writing at www.liberationmovement.org (dance), www.hedonistachallenge.com, and  www.kambitsch.com.

3 thoughts on “Who are you calling slow?

  1. thank you for commenting on my blog post, shagdora! i enjoyed reading some of your posts and your website, liberation movement, too…
    so inspiring!

  2. am 52 now I been a slow at things and it really get me up when other look at me and you you don’t look your slow ….let them walked in my shoes and life ,,,,,

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