beyond first glance

affdeckmoretomeborder  I’m learning that all of us are more complex and interesting than we see at first, no matter how slow we are in realizing it. It’s good to give ourselves and others as many looks as we might need so that we might see beyond the surface.

I’m also slowly learning to use Adobe Photoshop as a drawing tool.  I’m having fun using the select tool for hand lettering.

Trade School!

I was in Slow Learning heaven last night!IMG_2344

A room full of eager learners and I gathered at the Centre for Social Innovation to share what we know about “Visual Learning.”  I created the class (learn to doodle; doodle to learn) in response to Lauren Stein’s invitation to teach as a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

Trade School Toronto is an alternative learning project that runs on a barter system. Pay for a class with a barter item (like food, supplies or help) that your teacher requests!


Request I did! In return for sharing what I know about doodling, I received a wealth in return: candy, handmade items (a notebook, body butter, a clutch purse), yummy baked goods, offers for proofreading, a song to be sung just for me, and a bunch of silly jokes I can tell again and again.

IMG_2343Trade School and Slow Learning then share much in common.  Both

  • engage learners in their passions and interests
  • indulge the pleasures of learning (we had fun!)
  • cross genres, disciplines, practices
  • are grounded in the interests of the learner
  • promote inquiry and dialogue
  • allow for authentic learning (not for the certificate or credits)
  • encourage learning for learning’s sake
  • support, and are supported by learning in community

Learn more about Trade School here.
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And if you want to know more about Visual Learning you can find my Resource List here at