sketchnotes for science

I learn when I take my time. And I learn even better when I draw what I’m learning. I learn best when I share my learning-by-drawing with others.

Fancy words for what I hope to achieve by sharing my drawing might include knowledge translation,  visual synthesis, information visualization, graphics for knowledge mobilization, translational graphics, and the likeBut what I really want to do is to bring big ideas (including research about very small things) to more people.

A few recent examples of live drawing from public lectures:




improv trade school toronto: bartering for knowledge

tradeschool banner

Trade School Toronto is an alternative learning project that runs on a barter system. You get to attend amazing classes. Pay for a class with a barter item (like food, supplies or help) that your teacher requests!
This April we’ll be offering these classes:
Conflict Resolution (It’s actually fun!)
Presentation Superpower: Engaging Audiences with Improv + Live Drawing
How to Etsy: Starting your own Successful Online Maker Business

Find out more and register at Trade School Toronto

Find out more about Trade Schools around the world.

visual thinking about systems thinking

I’ve been doodling about systems thinking and toying with the idea of an ABC book for a bit now. Why?  Because thinking about systems is a powerful way to attack complex problems and because systems thinking should be accessible to everyone.

So why not invite everyone to help?  Check out the pictures below. This is definitely a work in progress. Maybe you have something to add. Shoot me an email; post a comment. Draw a doodle. Consider this just a start.  More to come.visual thinking about systems

vt balancing loopscausal loopsvt from this to that 2vt from this to that

vt varietyvt b is forvt questioning the questionsvt varietyvt viablevt relationships vt transdisciplinaryvt fvt b is forvt a is forvt balancing loopssubsystemsvt universal darwinism