visual thinking about systems thinking

I’ve been doodling about systems thinking and toying with the idea of an ABC book for a bit now. Why?  Because thinking about systems is a powerful way to attack complex problems and because systems thinking should be accessible to everyone.

So why not invite everyone to help?  Check out the pictures below. This is definitely a work in progress. Maybe you have something to add. Shoot me an email; post a comment. Draw a doodle. Consider this just a start.  More to come.visual thinking about systems

vt balancing loopscausal loopsvt from this to that 2vt from this to that

vt varietyvt b is forvt questioning the questionsvt varietyvt viablevt relationships vt transdisciplinaryvt fvt b is forvt a is forvt balancing loopssubsystemsvt universal darwinism


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