EEEK! I think I started something…

I’ve always wanted to do this sort of thing..well here goes. I know nothing about theatre or production or promotion or anything. But creating a play where everybody (including the audience) gets to play has been a lifelong dream.

Live and Onstage: Warrior Woman & The Planet of Robots Majlis Arts Garden August 14, 15, 16   8-10pm


In a future when intelligent electronic devices have taken over planet Earth, Warrior Woman is the last remaining human.

What’s the story? Warrior Woman is hell-bent on sharing her overflowing passion with hyper-rational robots. And she has a really hard time finding a mate.

Warrior Woman chapter 1_0008

What’s so radically Do-It-Yourself about Warrior Woman & the Planet of Robots? Warrior Woman invites outsiders, newbies and otherwise passive audience members into the roles of actors, stage producers, directors, promoters, sound effects engineers, musicians, and technicians.

Won’t the acting be amateurish and singing off-key? We hope so. Delightfully so.

Warrior Woman & the Planet of Robots puts play back into the play. Everybody plays: the audience, the cast, and crew.

new forms

Do It Yourself theatre? C’mon really? Isn’t theatre for theatre people? Yes, usually, and Warrior Woman offers us all a chance to fully participate in making a stage production.

How does the audience participate? Warrior Woman is a reader’s theatre, meaning that the audience has a chance to read and play along and aloud with the script live and onstage.

I dig it, but what if I just like to watch? We need watchers too, but beware: bubble battles, singalong songs following the red bouncing ball, spontaneous dance parties, and call-and-response chants might lure you in.

it was the end of times 1.1

Sounds goofy and silly and seriously creative. Where and when is the production?
August 14, 15, 16. 8-10 pm. Majlis Arts Garden. Your $15-25 suggested donation includes a schwag bag of toys including a signed copy of The Adventures of Warrior Woman, Too Much Passion, a graphic novel by Patricia Kambitsch.

What if I want to fully participate in the DIY behind-the-scenes production? We need DIY makers of all kinds: cardboard box robot makers, paper bag costume makers, noise makers, cookie bakers and the like. We also have room for actors and improvisers playing robots, monkeys, monks, devils, angels, and cameos by both Satan and God. Contact 416.799.6750.


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