i have an innie

ihaveaninnieSome people have a strong sense of outer direction. Finding things like work in the world is easy for an outie. Outies know where to go, and they how to get there. They don’t get lost. All they have to to is look at whatever else is going on outside, and they know what to do.

I have an innie. I know because I can feel it. It’s inside, right there in the middle of my tummy. If I slow down and listen, my innie will give me the direction I need. And I need direction often.

If I try to be like an outie, my innie gets all confused. I get confused. I try to catch up with other people outside, and I just end up more lost than when I started.

I am slowly learning to trust my inner sense of direction. My innie will let me know which turn to take, how to get unstuck, who to trust, when I’m doing good work, when to stop.  And right now my innie is telling me that it’s getting stronger all the time.

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