why perform?

Liberation Movement

When I started dancing daily as a spiritual practice, I never thought I’d do it in public.  I thought of my practice as a personal, inner journey that had nothing to do with performing. (I guess that’s not necessarily true, since I always loved showing off in front of other people at dance parties, but that’s different…or is it?)

So when Vivek invited me to dance with his Disciples of Dance and Maureen invited me to dance in front of my camera and post on the World Wide Web, part of me felt humbled if not humiliated. Who was I, with my advanced age and limited coordination, to dance for others to see? I took the invitations as a dare. (I’m easily seduced by a good dare, just so you know).

And there I was performing. Humbled, still, but performing and finding “something magical” about the experience that I had…

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