Your Vision, Your Personalized Card Deck

I love card decks. They’re portable, tactile, humble, and mysterious. Cards can be used to play games, unlock stuck imaginations, organize thoughts and ideas, create intentions, inspire next actions.

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I’ve been creating one-of-a-kind, handmade decks of cards for  family and a few close friends and clients for a few years now.  I create original decks based on personal imagery, archetypes and metaphors that emerge through our conversations.

Over the years, I’ve created thousands of cards. Each deck was a labour of love created over many hours. I love the process of hand painting each card, but the work wasn’t exactly something I could offer many people.

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And now thanks to my scanner, Gimp, and a great print-on-demand publisher I can make an original deck available (and accessible) to you.

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 How the Process Works.

We meet, either on the phone or in person.

We have a conversation. You talk about what concerns you: your feelings, your hopes and dreams, your intentions and desires. We talk about what’s possible and what’s holding you back.

While you talk, I listen and I draw. I create a map of what you’re saying. It may look like I’m doodling, but I’m listening deeply for multiple meanings behind your words. I listen for the metaphors and the themes.  I create concrete images from your abstract thoughts and ideas.

Next we look at the map, and uncover themes and threads.  We assemble a deck of cards from my library of hundreds of archetypes and metaphors. You choose from cards that are prints from my original art.

I help you learn how to read and use the cards to inspire you in your daily life. 

(and now this is where I sound like a seen-on-TV infomercial)
You get all of this: a one-on-one session with me, artwork that is intended just for you, a starter deck of 52 cards, and the map I draw for you during our conversation.

Interested? Shoot me an email:  patricia at playthink dot com. 

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