work as pilgrimage

I’ve chased after it and ran away from it. I’ve avoided it and I’ve given it my undivided attention. I’ve fallen in and out of love with it a million times. And still, I’m not really sure what my life’s work is.

My identity, my feelings of worth and self esteem, my livelihood, my social capital, my communities, my life’s purpose are all entangled in what I call my work.myfuture

And yet, does the work I do really define me?  Aren’t I more than what I do to make money, the title under my name? What if my work takes me somewhere different from where I want to go? What if my real work has nothing to do with my job? What if I’m not sure what my real work is?

And what do I say when people ask that dreaded question: “what do you do”?

Work has nagged me all my life, but it wasn’t until recently that I summoned the courage to face work full on. With the help of my good friend, Barry Heerman, and a community of explorers, I followed a practice called Deep Currents.  With the group we read, we journal, and we listen to each other as we share our reflections and our experiences.

I was so moved by the Deep Currents practice, that I invite you to join me in a new session that I’ll be facilitating this fall. We’ll connect on the phone for 8 sessions prompted by readings from David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea.  We’ll talk about career, purpose, work, and what’s next. We’ll learn more about ourselves, our lives, and our work.

The dates are Aug 13, 26; Sept 9, 25; Oct 7, 21; Nov 4, 18

Interested in joining me? Give me a buzz or let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “work as pilgrimage

  1. I just found this post, a few days after the first call. Is there still room to join? The book looks really interesting … I’m also reading James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself” which covers four practices (“bodies”) that he says are essential to do great work (of any sort). Altucher has launched, sold, and ruined huge tech start-ups, making millions and losing it (and worse) almost at the same time. He finally crawled out of a dark hole when he developed a balance of health/diet, spirituality, right actions and wellness. A revelation? Not really, but it’s a message to enterpeneurs and individuals and even those who live in cubicles about getting centered and present … and not to count on the hand that feeds.

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