art class sketchnotes UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley podcasts lectures (for free!), and I doodle.

I enjoyed this lecturer’s class so much that I spent most of yesterday listening and drawing. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t credit him. Here are a few of my notes.

5 thoughts on “art class sketchnotes UC Berkeley

  1. love these drawings and how they explain the ideas of the lecture (which I haven’t listened to… so, postmodernly I guess I am liking your ideas about these ideas about historical ideas 🙂 really like the focus on black and white and how strong the images are. thanks!

  2. Now you are getting my statement that” all of ones work speaks to themselves as well as to the world.” that last piece is your new Classic simlple Design that is pregnat wt meaning on metaphoric an pedestrian Levels. You are becoming Conscience of you own Visual Voice. G D P.S. I Want It!!!!!

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