Celebrate Andy Warhol: The Balloons Have Arrived!

Coming up with 80 original ways to celebrate Andy’s 80th Birthday at Playthink Studio on 8-8-oh 8 has me thinking of Mylar, the silver kind of course. And when my order of 80 Mylar soon-to-be-helium-filled balloons arrived in the mail today I realized I’m going to need some help.

And so, here are 8 more ways to Celebrate Andy’s birthday (remember I’m working up to 80. I know I have some catching up to do.)

#17 Help us fill up 80 Mylar Helium Balloons! We’re going to celebrate Andy Warhol’s 80th Birthday at Playthink Learning Studio in flashy reflective silver factory style by re-creating and reinventing his famous installation.

#18 While we’re at it, glory in the reflected image your own magnificent face repeating and repeating and repeating on all those balloons. Don’t be shy. This is your chance to shine. Again and again and again and again …

#19 Still don’t get it about the balloons and the the silver? Read this.

# 20 Too busy getting your costume together for the party? Watch this.

#21 And THIS.

#22 Then we can make poetry from letters wrapped in silver, float the words around, and make a film about it.

#23 Get a roll of aluminum foil from your kitchen. Wrap something. Anything will do. Bring it to the party. Call it art.

#24 And by the way, while we’re busy making party plans, anybody wanna dance?


13 thoughts on “Celebrate Andy Warhol: The Balloons Have Arrived!

  1. I desperately need to find some mylar balloons for a similar themed party. WHERE did you find just blank rectangular mylar balloons?!

  2. I also need these balloons for a charity event. Can snyone steer me in the right direction, where can I buy these ???

  3. I’ve been looking as well. I found one place, but they wanted a minimum order of 2500. I’m looking for 100-200. Please post if you find these. Thanks!!

  4. hello… so, a year and a half later, i’ve come across your blog on my own personal search for balloons like this. your event must have been fantastic! please tell me where to get these balloons! (or if you had to buy in bulk and want to sell the extras!)

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