The influence of teaching on a slow learner

“Teaching, in my estimation, is a vastly over-rated function…Having made such a statement, I scurry to the dictionary to see if I really mean what I say.  Teaching means “to instruct.” Personally I am not much interested in instructing another in what he should know or think. “To impart knowlege or skill”  My reaction is, why not be more efficient, using a book or programmed learning? “To make or know.”  Here my hackles rise.  I have no wish to make anyone know something. “To show, guide, direct.”  As I see it, too many people have been shown, guided, directed.  So I come to the conclusion that I do mean what I said.  Teaching is, for me, a relatively unimportant and vastly overvalued activity.”–Carl Rogers, Freedom to Learn, 1969.


One thought on “The influence of teaching on a slow learner

  1. Well said, Carl! The standardization movement with it’s No Child Left Untested mandate was, at best, a poor experiment that worked only to keep oppressed students from learning. Shifting the emphasis from state-mandated outcomes to learning is nothing short of revolution. Any change in education will require new definitions of what learning is. I’m just hoping we can find learners whose spirit of inquiry is still alive. For the quick, it’s probably too late. Slow learners: it’s time to speak up! Let’s start the discussion again.

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